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                                                                ~ Bailey at 11 Months ~






From the first moment I saw a British Tipped with their beautiful green eyes, complimented by the lovely black eye-liner, and the wonderful coat colouring - I knew I had to have one !

The British Tipped is a genetically silver variety of the British Shorthair.  The colour of the tipping is restricted to the ends of the hairs, and the undercoat is so pale that it appears almost white.  The Black Tipped has green eyes, attractively outlined with black eyeliner.  The nose leather is also outlined in black.

The British Tipped possesses a wealth of charm.  They are usually placid, loving, adaptable and undemanding.  They love nothing more than to be with you, and are always ready to play irrespective of their age.  One of their endearing characteristics is the slightly upturned side of the mouth, giving the impression that they are smiling.


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